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In March 2021 I started to use FeedHive to help me grow an audience on Twitter. Recently, I wanted to check how my Twitter followers have grown over time. Unfortunately, Twitter Analytics only provides data from the last 30 days. So I decided to develop a simple serverless API to fetch and store my follower count each month.

Tech Stack

As I already use AWS Amplify for some private APIs, I wanted to reuse this framework for this new project.

As a developer you know that situation: the code worked like a charm and suddenly there is a bug but you have no idea where and when it was introduced.

If you are working in a big team the chances may be quite high that many commits have been added in the meantime. So finding the commit where the bug was introduced can become quite nasty.

Luckily, Git offers a tool that helps to detect the first bad commit that introduces the bug. It is called “git bisect”.

How does it work?

We need to provide Git Bisect two information to be able to…

This article summarizes a list of React interview questions that I would ask candidates and that I get often asked in interviews.

1. What is React?

React is a “JavaScript library for building user interfaces” which was developed by Facebook in 2011.

It’s the V in the MVC (Model — View -Controller), so it is an open-source UI library rather than a framework.

2. What are the advantages of React?

  • Good performance: due to VDOM, see #17.
  • Easy to learn: with basic JavaScript knowledge you can start building applications. Frameworks like Angular require more knowledge about other technologies and patterns like RxJS, TypeScript, and Dependency Injection.
  • One-way data flow: this flow…

The twelve-factor app is a known methodology for building software-as-a-service apps. One factor describes that an application’s configuration should be stored in the environment and not in the code to enforce a strict separation of config from code.

In this article, I want to demonstrate how you can add sensitive and insensitive configuration data to an AWS Amplify backend using environment variables and AWS Secrets Manager.

Types of configuration

There exist many types of configuration data, for example:

  • timeouts
  • connection strings
  • external API configurations like URLs and endpoints
  • caching
  • hosting configuration for URL, port, or schema
  • file system paths
  • framework configuration
  • libraries configuration

Recently I recognized that some SaaS (Software as a Service) products use AWS Amplify which helps them to build serverless full-stack applications. I think serverless computing will be the future of apps and software. Therefore, I wanted to gather some hands-on experience, and I built a serverless application using AWS Amplify that uses React as frontend framework and GraphQL as backend API.

In this article, I want to guide you through the process how to build and deploy such an Amplify application.

Set up Amplify

AWS Amplify describes itself as:

Fastest, easiest way to build mobile and web apps that scale

Amplify provides…

I recently joined a project where the team used two separate Git repositories for their web components based on Stencil and Storybook. But the idea of Storybook is that the so-called “stories” live next to the components source code. Therefore, it made no sense to me to have those two tools in different repositories, and I combined them both in one repository.

My goal was that developers can also use Storybook stories via hot reload during development. Additionally, it should still be possible to separately deploy the web components to a npm registry and Storybook to a public URL.


React is known for its performance by using the Virtual DOM (VDOM). It only triggers an update for the parts of the real DOM that have changed. In my opinion, it is important to know when React triggers a re-rendering of a component to be able to debug performance issues and develop fast and efficient components.

After reading this article, you should have a good understanding of how React rendering mechanism is working and how you can debug re-rendering issues.

Virtual DOM

First, we need to understand what rendering in the context of a web application means.

If you open a website…

On my main domain I have deployed my private portfolio website. For different use cases, I want to have a Node.js backend deployed to a subdomain, e.g.

This blog post describes how you can deploy a Heroku application to a Netlify subdomain.

What is a domain?

Domain names provide a human-readable address for any web server available on the Internet and are a key part of the Internet infrastructure. You can reach any computer which is connected to the Internet through a public IP address. This IP can either be an IPv6 address (e.g. 2001:0DB8:0000:0001:0000:0000:0010:01FF), or an IPv4 address (e.g.


This article summarizes a list of Angular interview questions which I would ask candidates and that I get often asked in interviews.

1. What is Angular? What is the difference between Angular and Vue.js / React?

Angular is an application design framework and development platform for creating efficient and sophisticated single-page apps. Angular is built entirely in TypeScript and uses it as a primary language. As it is a framework it has many useful built-in features like routing, forms, HTTP client, Internationalization (i18n), animations, and many more.

Vue.js and React are no application frameworks but JavaScript libraries to build user interfaces.

2. What’s new in Angular?

Check the Angular blog for latest release notes, for example, the Angular 11…

For me, it is important to see analytics about my portfolio website. This way, I can see which posts got the most views, which country my users are from, and which browser & operating system they are using. The simplest solution to add analytics to your site is Google Analytics as it is free and easy to set up. But as we all know, this service is only free as we pay it indirectly by providing data to it. What you need to know about Google Analytics and privacy.

In this blog post, I will show you how I replaced…

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