My First NPM Package: github-traffic-cli

Since I published my first projects on GitHub I really enjoyed viewing the traffic on my repositories. It is really interesting to see how many people visit or clone my repositories.

Unfortunately it costs a lot of time to click through all available repositories and I was looking for a more elegant way.

I stumbled upon the npm package github-traffic which already provides an API to fetch the GitHub traffic. So I decided to write a command line interface (CLI) npm package which uses this API.

As a result I can check the traffic on all of my repositories with one CLI command:

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Develop & publish npm package

The process is very easy and documented in the npm docs.

Used npm packages

  • chalk: Terminal string styling done right
  • clui: Node.js toolkit for quickly building nice looking command line interfaces
  • commander: The complete solution for node.js command-line interfaces
  • figlet: Terminal ASCII art from text
  • inquirer: A collection of common interactive command line user interfaces.


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Freelance software engineer from Germany with focus on Angular

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